Who Is Rowan Atkinson’s Daughter?


Rowan Atkinson is one of Britain’s best-known comedians. But, while people are familiar with his long career, did you know he was two adult children? He has three children; two with his ex-wife and one with his current partner. His daughter, Lily Sastry (formerly Atkinson), is the topic of this post.

Lily uses her mother, Sunetra “Susan” Sastry’s surname, but it doesn’t have anything to do with estrangement from her father. It’s possible she chose to use her mum’s last name to avoid falling into the nepo baby cliche. She hasn’t given a reason behind the decision, and she doesn’t need to, as many celebrities use different names if they come from famous families. Lily changed her last name in 2017.

Born in the mid-90s, Lily has a brother, Benjamin, who was also born from her parents’ marriage. Her dad’s personal life never played into his career. Lily is now a burlesque dancer and cabaret singer. Her younger half-sister, Isla, was born to her dad and stepmother, Louise Ford, in 2017.

Despite having Rowan as a comedic dad, Lily’s career differs from his. He’s an actor and a funny man. She is a singer and dancer. You cannot have two many famous families share the same career paths. it is unclear if she is romantically involved with anyone and has not been involved in any known controversies.

Rowan fully supports Lily in her career choice, and she fully supports him as she has attended several of his movie premieres over the years.

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