Harry Was Right As History Is Repeating Itself But It Has Nothing To Do With Diana – But Wallis Simpson

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Wallis Simpson was reviled by the British Royal Family and by history. So is Meghan Markle. Being divorced is not a bad thing. That’s the reason why Henry VIII established the Church of England. Also, three of Her Majesty’s four children are once divorced. Two of three are remarried. However, in the day of Wallis Simpson and Edward, their story was considered a love story where the man gives up his life for the woman he loves.

However, it was never a love story. Looking into the annexes of modern history, Prince Harry is simply repeating what Edward did almost a hundred years ago. Initially, it was romantic—a prince marrying a divorced woman. However, over time it has become apparent that the comparisons between Harry and Meghan and Wallis and Edward are too eerie.

It has also come out that Wallis never loved Edward. She loved the lifestyle he was able to give her but not much else. A 2021 Daily Mail article from Andrew Lownie made the claim that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor spoke about being opposites. While Edward adored Wallis, she did not feel the same about him and often did not want to be left alone with him.

The Eerie Parallels Between Edward And Harry

It’s scary to think that Edward’s great-great-nephew would fall for a woman like Wallis. However, there is a difference between the stories. As we said, Edward hung off Wallis’ every word. Harry, nowadays, does not hang off Meghan’s. If anything, he recoils from her—the footage from his UN speech where she grabs his arm with both hands and holds it shows domination.

According to Andrew Lownie’s article, Edward loved being domineered by Wallis. Unfortunately, the history books leave that out and probably will for a long time. As for Meghan, it’s no secret she wants to control the narrative. She and Harry are in the media daily to the point where they’re in our faces.

With Edward and Wallis, the king’s abdication was a massive scandal. It also drove The Queen Mother to claim that it caused her husband, King George VI, into an early grave. She never forgave Edward for what he did to his brother. If Edward hadn’t abdicated, George would still be king, but Elizabeth, George’s daughter, would not have been on the throne for as long as she has been.

Returning to Harry, he gave up his family and friends for Meghan. There is a difference, however, between Harry and Edward. Edward was king. Harry was the spare. Both put themselves into exile. One stayed there. The other has not. It was rare that a monarch would forsake their right to the throne. Harry doesn’t have that issue. He never did. He’s lost his position as a beloved member of the royal family in the eyes of the public.

Meghan & Wallis – Two Destructive Peas In A Pod

Meghan and Wallis are too alike for words. Yes, they’re both divorced Americans, but that’s public knowledge. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to know about the scheming and the love of the lifestyle. Meghan has always climbed the ladder of society to get to the top. However, she can’t seem to reach it. Meanwhile, Wallis achieved it even if it meant being ostracised by the royals.

Moreover, Meghan only wanted the title and the pageantry from it. She failed to see that she was meant to serve the people. Not the other way around. Also, she can push all the positive PR she wants, but it doesn’t erase that she bullied a 3-year-old because she was jealous that little Princess Charlotte was more important than she was.

Wallis was a social climber who thrived off the lifestyle afforded her by her husband’s status. Meghan is a social climber too, but she’s also a narcissist who cries victim when she is denied something. Not to mention, she has dressed like Wallis on multiple occasions. Given her pattern of copying other successful women in her clothing choices, Meghan wore an identical outfit as Wallis ON PURPOSE.

Going back to Andrew Lownie’s article, Lady Diana Cooper, a socialite during Wallis and Edward’s lifetimes, allegedly said once that Wallis “was bored stiff of him [Edward].” It is said that Edward was increasingly clingy towards his wife. Something Harry appears to have been. Now, he can’t get away from Meghan fast enough.

Harry Was Right About History Repeating Itself

Remember when Harry claimed that history was repeating itself and his wife would befall the same fate as his mother? Well, he was half-right, but not in the way he thinks. He never got to know Wallis and Edward as his great-great uncle died before he was even born. Wallis, meanwhile, died about two years after Harry’s birth. Diana attended her funeral, as did Charles, The Queen, The Queen Mother, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester and Prince Philip, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Never in a million years did Harry think that his life would parallel Edward’s. His family hates him for throwing them under the bus. Lady Sarah Chatto struggled to hide her feelings at the Platinum Jubilee church service.

The royals shut Edward and Wallis out because they were incredibly dangerous. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor had connections to the Nazis and Hitler himself. So a LOT of information has come out in recent years that much of the intel was sealed at the time to prevent it from getting into enemy hands.

Harry wants his IPP status back so he and Meghan can order the shutdown of anyone who dares speak out against them. The Home Office should be fighting back tenfold.

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