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The Sussex Squad Have No Shame As They Bully Prince George Over A Painting! – OPINION

Prince George

Christmas was two days ago, but it hasn’t stopped the Sussex Squad from attacking the royals. This time, they’ve gone after Prince George for a watercolour painting he did of a reindeer with robins. Initially, I wasn’t going to talk about it because of how ridiculous the whole thing is. But I couldn’t help it, as people have a right to know about this.

[Credit: @KensingtonRoyal – Twitter]

The image shared on the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Twitter account on Christmas Day shows Prince George’s artistic talent for someone so young. He inherited his mother, paternal grandfather, and great-grandfather’s love of painting. However, the Sussex Squad had to ruin it for him as they do everything else. This is not the first time they’ve attacked the 9-year-old. They went after him for wearing a suit and tie to a soccer (football) game. The SS also pounced when a set of birthday images came out where he was sitting on his great-grandfather, Prince Philip’s jeep.

I tweeted about the drama, and it’s gained traction.

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Leave Prince George Alone!

Seriously, the Sussex Squad must realise that they’re clutching at straws. Every single artist on the face of Earth has gotten inspiration from somewhere. I can point to one classic and well-known example. Vincent Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night has been reinterpreted to include the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Here’s a comparison with a version done by Theresa Pisani.

Also, I know there will be Sussex Squad buffoons coming here to bash this, so let me say this. Before you say, “It’s not the same thing!” it is the same thing. Would you call the artist who did the Starry TARDIS out? No. Why? Because you HATE the royals with a burning passion. The only difference between the paintings is the addition of the TARDIS.

The imagery of reindeer and robins at Christmastime is an English tradition. Check out these:

[Credit: @TribesBritannia – Twitter]

So, would you criticise the artists for copying? No! Because they’re not the “big bad royals.” Seriously, Prince George is just a child. So, why don’t you pick on your goddess, Meghan, who changes two words in a quote or speech and then credits herself? She has a track record of plagiarism.

Remember Pearl, that animated series about the time-travelling little girl of Meghan’s that Netflix canned? That was going to be a cut and paste from Chelsea Clinton’s children’s books about the same thing. I could guarantee Chelsea would not have gotten the credit for the original idea if the show had come out.

Also, how is it okay to criticise a child but not a grown-ass adult woman who should know better? As I mentioned, artists draw inspiration from everywhere.

Where Do The Sussex Squad Think Inspiration Comes From?

Where do you think Wes Craven got the inspo for Ghost face’s mask in the Scream franchise? The Scream painting by Edvard Munch.

Where do you think George Lucas got the inspiration for Star Wars? Samurai movies.

I could go on! Prince George merely did what any artist would do; take inspiration from what came before. Meghan’s Mole summed up the situation perfectly when she said that anyone who does a paint and sip class should be criticised for doing the same thing. The whole thing is just laughable. The Sussex Squad is just looking for a fight, and they’re not getting one. So they pick the stupidest thing and hope it sticks.

Harry And Meghan Are Probably Proud Of The Sussex Squad

There is no doubt in my mind that Meghan and Harry would be applauding the Sussex Squad. After all, Harry never spoke out about his precious wife bullying his then three-year-old niece, Princess Charlotte. Unfortunately, Harry is just as complacent as Meghan and their sewer of followers. His jealousy towards William sees no bounds. All he witnesses now is red.

In conclusion, and sorry, Sussex Squad, but your argument is invalid. Moreover, Prince George’s painting isn’t plagiarism. It is his interpretation of the image—nothing more, nothing less. Finally, ask any painter who has taken inspiration from someone who has come before them.

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