Reality is nothing without stories to accompany them. From everyday problems to just the downright absurd, we’re going to be addressing everything that we can. We’re a blog that truly understands the concept of reality.

Never fear friends for we open our minds to the trials of life. We love seeing where reality takes us and it’s going to be a thrill for us to cover this large and extensive topic. We’re going to leap out from behind the bushes and break our own rules.

Our content on this topic might get a little over-the-top at certain points due to the nature of the conversation and matter we will be trying to convey. If you have an issue with the piece, please don’t be afraid to email us and tell us. We’re always looking for constructive criticism. Be nice about what you say as we’ll call you out as it’s our website and you’re a visitor.

Our reality content covers everything. Not all our articles will be for everyone. We’re simply writing from the heart. It’s OUR opinion not YOURS and we will say whatever we want. If you choose to say something on social media or in the comments that come off as negative, we will block you and erase the comment. Please play nice.

In one final note, please respect each other’s opinions in the comments. Very few people have the same view and please do not take a swipe at those who do not share your views. Be nice to others they will be positive towards you.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but don’t call someone out. We don’t like spreading negativity and we don’t want it on the website.

With all that said, we hope you you enjoy our reality content and we hope you love what we’re adding to the site.

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