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Chronicles of Harkle

Is It An American Thing Or Is It An Excuse? Times Meghan Markle Tried To Excuse Her Bad Behaviour

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry love using the “she’s an American” excuse in their quest to stop Brits criticising her. The way they’ve gone about it makes it appear that they believe the British people are total idiots. Harry has stated several times over the years that people didn’t understand the “American” things Meghan does. …

American Riviera Orchard rip-off
Chronicles of Harkle

American Riviera Orchard Is A Rip-Off Various Other Celebrity Brands

Meghan Markle’s “soft-launched” American Riviera Orchard is failing before it’s even started, and everyone knows it’s a rip-off of various celebrity brands. She recently amended the trademark to include other things outside the kitchenware she was originally peddling. Since the launch of American Riviera Orchard, people have quickly pointed out what a rip-off the brand …

Chronicles of Harkle

Prince Harry To Return To UK After Catherine Health Issues, But Don’t Expect Him To Visit her

Prince Harry is due to return to the United Kingdom for a visit, but don’t expect him to visit Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The Mirror reports that despite his sister-in-law’s cancer, he will not be visiting Catherine. It is believed he will return to the WellChild Awards and nothing more. After Catherine revealed her …

Chronicles of Harkle

Will We Finally Get Proper Legitimate Photos Of Archie And Lilibet? The Media Has Finally Picked Up On The Photoshopped Christening Photo – OPINION

I don’t usually like talking about the royal children in any capacity, titled or not. However, Richard Eden of the Daily Mail just released an article which reveals that Meghan has had photos taken of Archie and Lilibet. According to Richard, the photos of the Sussex children were taken by Jake Rosenberg. For those mightn’t …

Chronicles of Harkle

Harry Is Crying That He Is Being Left Out Of Future Royal Plans – He Should Have Thought About That When He Left! – OPINON

Prince Harry is now whining that he’s been left out of planning future royal events. Boohoo! He should have thought of that when he decided to drop his life for Meghan’s in California. This story is courtesy of the Daily Express. The story comes as The King battles cancer, and his aides are beginning to …

Sussex downgrade
Chronicles of Harkle

The Sussex Downgrade

It was going to happen. The Sussex profiles on the official royal website have been changed to a single profile rather than individual ones, prompting a downgrade. As the alteration was being made, the separate profiles were removed for almost an hour before replacing them with what we have now. As the change happened, the …