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What’s Gotham without the Batfamily? Well, The CW is going to introduce their own Bat in the form of Kate Kane’s Batwoman.

After her first appearance in 2018’s Elseworlds crossover, the Batsy’s cousin a.k.a Batwoman has become a big deal in the Arrowverse as she is the first gay superhero to head a solo show where she’s the headline act.

Sure, Sara is technically the star of Legends of Tomorrow and she is bisexual, but she’s only one main character of several. Moving on! We love Captain Lance! We’re not going to diss her. Ooh… we wonder what would happen if Sara were to meet Kate at some point? Perhaps we’ll see something in 2019’s Crisis on Infinite Earths! We’d paid BIG money to see that play out! Okay… now we’re really going to move on!

Batwoman‘s first season will introduce Kate three years before her she appears in Elseworlds. We’ll meet her father Jacob, her stepmother Catherine and her stepsister Mary. Also, we’ll meet familiar faces from the Batman comics including Luke Fox, the son of Batman’s tech pal Lucius. As for love interests, Batwoman will have Sophie Moore as Kate’s on-off girlfriend.

Kate will also pop up in this year’s crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it’s unknown if her bat posse will join her. We can wave an Arrowverse Batman show goodbye and hello to Batwoman! She is the future of the Bat family but that doesn’t mean we won’t get references to Bruce. If we’re lucky, we’ll get mentions of Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle).

While we don’t know is the extent of what happens during the whole first season. As far as the trailers show, Sophie goes missing and Kate is forced to suit up to rescue her.

Batwoman will debut in October 2019 alongside the fifth season of Supergirl.

Move over Batman! Your cousin is taking over Gotham as Batwoman!

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