The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful: Where’s The Compassion For A Grieving Mother During Baby Swap Saga?


Nothing says ungrateful better than a fan base that blasts a TV show? A fan base that blasts a storyline about a baby swap and a mother that grieves the loss of her thought-to-be deceased child.

Super of the Week

Super Of The Week: Jean Grey

She’s the mutant who’s best known for her red hair and her relationship with Cyclops, however she’s been though a lot in her life. She’s died several times, lost the love of her life to her ‘clone’ and she’s flirted with danger while trying to avoid Wolverine’s advantages. Jean Grey is not your typical mutant badass. She has a dual personality and a powerful one at that. She’s a hero!

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Breaking Down Krypton’s Love Triangle: Who Will Seg End Up With In Krypton Season 2?


It started with the what-if question, “What if Superman never existed?” Syfy’s 2018 hit Krypton was returning to television in 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited! However, the show’s first season left us with questions, including what’s next in the complicated love triangle between Lyta, Seg, and Nyssa.


‘Fam’ Is Everything To Clem…Oh, And Her Dad’s Alive… Did We Mention Nina Dobrev Shines?

Nina Dobrev is back on the small screen and she’s taking on a role unlike anything she has ever done before. She plays Clem, a newly engaged woman who thinks her family is perfect until her half-sister and their dad show up…

The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Will the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor Triangle Ruin The Next Generation?

The longtime love triangle between Brooke, Taylor, and Ridge has always been entertaining to watch. However, recent years have seen their daughters go up against each other to win the heart of Liam Spencer. Both have married him and claimed he’s the love of their lives. They also share children with him. Let the best woman win… or not…