Crisis On Infinite Earths: 10 Memorable Moments From Hour Five – Legends Of Tomorrow

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The timeline will change as the fifth hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Though, our heroes weren’t expecting what was to come.

Before we begin, we just wanted to apologise for this part being so late up. Yes, we know Crisis on Infinite Earths ended this time last month, but we’ve been super busy. So, we’re finally getting into the fifth hour and our most memorable moments. This final part had many great moments that helped wrap up the event. Sure, some kooky moments involve a particular fluffy stuffed toy that loves hugs. Yes, we’re talking about BeeboBut, noNo! We’re talking about the old social media website! Oh, wait. That was spelt B-E-B-O. Our bad! Anyway, onto the post!

1. Kara Wakes Up In Her Apartment, And Alex Doesn’t Remember A Thing. Oh, And Lex Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

The first scene is one of our favourites. Kara awakens in her apartment in National City with her glasses hanging off her face. Alex speaks up, and Kara almost fries her with her laser vision. She apologises for nearly killing her. Her sister attempts to calm her down by asking if she had a bad dream.

Kara asks how she ended up at home with Alex telling her she fell asleep in front of the T.V. She looked peaceful and didn’t want to wake her up. Supergirl then remembers she was at the Dawn of Time with her sister asking if that’s what she was watching before she fell asleep. Running to the window, she pulls the curtains open to find everything has been put right with Alex mentioning a White Martian did a number of her [Kara] the night before.

Opening her laptop, she finds an article on the CatCo website about the attack. Before Alex goes to meet Kelly, Kara tells her she loves her. A moment later, her phone rings. Nia asks where she is and that she’s needed at a press conference. Speeding down to the forum overseeing the award of the Nobel Peace Prize, Kara asks her friend to help her decipher her’ dream’. She explains that in the dream, the worlds ended. Nia snorts and says that’s dramatic.

When the announcement shows that Lex has won the award, Kara is in total disbelief, while Nia is oblivious.

2. Lex Owns The D.E.O… Oh, God!

Later at the D.E.O., Kara rants to Alex about the whole Lex thing. Her sister tells her Lex is the good guy, but Supergirl says he’s not. Then, the news hits her. Lex is their boss, confirmed when Kara looks down at the floor to see that her cousin’s human arch-enemy owns her sister’s workplace. Cue the shuddering.

J’onn then shows up and tells Kara he doesn’t like what’s happening either. But, remember, he was a Paragon, so all his memories were intact. Kara asks why they’re the only ones who remember. The green martian says there will likely be other changes that will reveal themselves over time.

3. Weather Witch Shows Up In National City

It wouldn’t be the fifth hour without some action, and this one is a doozy. When an alert sounds, Alex goes to send the squad out to see what’s going on, but Kara says she’ll go and deal with it as she needs to punch something to let out her frustrations.

Arriving at the scene, Kara finds a woman with a staff attacking people. The issue is that she’s never seen or fought her before. She asks who the woman is, and the foe sounds confused about why the big blue Boy Scout’s cousin would be asking but tells her she’s Weather Witch.

Before Kara knows it, Weather Witch goes flying, and Barry takes her place, explaining she’s one of his villains. She then asks what the villain was doing on her Earth. Then, realising her friend is standing next to her, she asks why he’s on her Earth too. It gets crazy confusing as the pair question the other about the same thing. Sorry. We’re just rambling.

4. Marv Wolfman

Like the previous four crossover parts, there was a stack of cameos. The fifth hour is the same, but the cameo in the first five minutes of this episode is one of the biggest. A man approaches Barry and Kara, asking for an autograph and says his name is Marv.

The man is the real-life Marv Wolfman, one of the writers of the original Crisis On Infinite Earths comic book event in the 80s. His appearance in this episode jumps off his writing credit from the fourth hour (Arrow) and the fact that he co-wrote the Crisis on Infinite Earths tie-in comics with Marc Guggenheim that contains parts of the story that they couldn’t include in the television event.

5. Sara Goes Searching For Oliver Throughout The Fifth Hour

Reuniting with Ray at the place they were at when Lyla called them, Ray has zero idea about what went on. J’onn walks in and restores Atom’s memories. Sara then asks about Oliver. J’onn says there’s been no sign of him. However, she won’t give up and goes to the Arrow bunker, calling for him. She finds the mannequin that usually holds his suit empty.

Diggle, Rene, and Dinah sadly walk in and tell her they already know about Oliver as J’onn restored their memories before arriving. The friends cry together, mourning the friend they all lost. Rene says Martian J’onn gave them splitting headaches when their memories were restored. Dig blames himself for not being there in Oliver’s final moments of having to see him die twice.

Sara attempts to comfort him, but Dig tells her not to as it’s okay. She then says they all died but came back, so there’s a chance he came back too. Rene explains that after their brain dumps, they had Felicity do a global scan for her husband, but there was no sign of him. It suddenly dawns on Sara that her ex and good friend was gone and he wasn’t coming back. This prompts her to give John a huge hug.

6. J’onn Restores Caitlin’s Memories, And They’re Both Pissed At Nash. It’s Not The Fifth Hour Without Pissing Someone Off

After some workers find Nash in the sewer, he is taken to Caitlin for care. J’onn arrives and restores the doc’s memories. She realises that the reason they lost everything was because of him. The Anti-Monitor was unleashed because of him. J’onn says he paid dearly for his misjudgement, but not as much as others.

J’onn wants to kill him, but Nash hasn’t got his memories and doesn’t know how he ended up at S.T.A.R. Labs. His memories are then restored, and then he witnesses everything he did. Nash says J’onn and the other Paragons fixed his mistake but is told not entirely. It can’t be the fifth hour without some well-deserved finger-pointing, are we right?

7. Barry And Kara Learn Oliver Is Still Dead

Barry and Kara arrive at the Arrow Bunker to find that it too is on the same Earth, indicating everyone is now together without having to jump Earths to meet up. Team Arrow and Sara are surprised to see them and have the unfortunate task of telling the happy pair that Oliver is still dead.

This is a hard blow for Barry to know that one of his best friends didn’t come back. Kara questions why Oliver gave everyone else a fresh start but not himself. John says it might’ve been the only way.

8. Attack Of The Giant Beebo

Okay, we get it. It’s the fifth hour which means it’s the Legends of Tomorrow episode—an alert sounds after the heartfelt moment between Team Arrow, Sara, Barry, and Kara. Star City is being attacked. When John sees what their threat is, saying, “You won’t believe me if I told you.”

The group then question why a giant Beebo is walking down the street, and there’s a load of scared people. Barry then remembers Wally explaining that the Legends turned themselves into a giant Beebo once to stop a demon. Sara then makes an off-hand comment about it not being the first time Beebo has run crazy. This makes her look odd to Rene before saying it’s a long story.

Sara contacts Nate and Ava back on the Waverider and tells them what’s happening. Nate concludes that the Captain has been shanghaied. Ava then asks if her girlfriend has been kidnapped. Sara tells her she wasn’t but gives them the order to stay in D.C.

Ava reluctantly tells Sara that one of the crew is already in Star City. It turns out it’s Mick who’s doing a book signing. When Beebo stampedes past the bookstore, Mick is far from impressed.

Outside, Ray snaps a selfie for Nate as his best friend isn’t there. Back in the bunker, Rene asks if this is what all crossovers are like, and Sara tells him yep. John says he’s never letting his child (JJ and possibly Sara) watch something like this again. Finally, Mick arrives and screams for the furball to die!

It turns out the Beebo isn’t solid matter, and Sara’s idea fails. Finally, Kate arrives, which makes Kara happy. It turns out Kate’s theory about the distraction was correct and a sorcerer wasting Beebo as a distraction to rob a bank.

9. The Anti-Monitor Ain’t Dead, But Is The Fifth Hour

The fifth hour means defeating the enemy for the final time. That means the fifth hour brings everyone together for another fight. A shadow demon attacks  Sara and Barry while others go after Ryan and his infant daughter, Simone. Sara hurries to the Choi house and kills the monster before it has a chance to hurt Ryan and his daughter.

Back at the Arrow Bunker, the team realise that Oliver sacrificed himself to reset time doesn’t mean he killed the Anti-Monitor. Mick offers up a solution but doesn’t sit well with Nash, which almost results in an argument with Sara. Ray steps in to break it up before it can rot.

Ryan and Ray end up geeking out when they come up with the to shrink the Anti-Monitor forever. Ray and Ryan pop in an old-school Ant-Man reference from the old Marvel comics of the Microverse. Sara then assigns Mick to protect the geeks while the others fight off the Anti-Monitor.

Dinah plays tech support and tells Frost and Mick that shadow demons are coming their way. Mick tells Frost it’s been a while and says he likes her new look. She thanks him and tells him she read his book before she proceeds to tease him. Then, a demon appears, but before either of them can do anything, a blast of lightning takes it out. They turn to see Jefferson Pierce with Mick asking, “Who the hell are you?” Jeff tells him, “the guy who just saved your ass.”

Sara shouts “For Oliver” before the group charge into the fight. The Anti-Monitor unleashes a surge of energy before the heroes go flying, and the baddie grows enormous! Ray manages to get the shrink bomb to Kara, who throws it, stopping the Anti-Monitor once and for all.

10. Some Of The Changes, Paying Tribute To Oliver, And Cameos

To round out the fifth hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths, we see more of the changes to Earth-Prime. We learn pretty quickly that JJ Diggle is now a twin with the return of Sara, who’d been wiped away by Barry during Flashpoint and replaced by J.J.

We see there’s a new female president who talks about Oliver’s sacrifice while we see his friends watching the news broadcast. Kate joins Kara and Alex while Clark receives a call from Lois telling him he must deal with his sons. This surprises him as he now has more than one child. It’s safe to assume Jonathan is back, and he’s been joined by Jordan, his twin, whom we’ll meet in the upcoming Superman & Lois series. Barry and Caitlin stand watching the broadcast at S.T.A.R. Labs and mourn their friend.

Dinah, Rene and the Legends are in the Arrow Bunker, still struggling with the loss of their friend. Nate and Ava are back on the Waverider. The world mourns a great hero as they have a moment of silence.

We learn that some other Earths have come back but contain new heroes. Earth-2 is now home to Stargirl. Earth-12 is home to the Green Lanterns. Earth-19 is home to Swamp Thing. Earth-9 is still home to the Titans. Earth-21 is home to the Doom Patrol, and Earth-96 is home to the Brandon Routh Superman.

Oliver’s fellow heroes gather together to honour him in their hall of justice. Barry then shows the group their new table. Before this, Jeff questions how often the world comes to an end. Kate tells him that she was the new kid the previous year. At the table, there’s a chair for Oliver. This ends the fifth hour.

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