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Babes Against Bullshit: Why The World Is Turning On Jada Pinkett-Smith


Will Smith thought he was protecting his wife – All people were talking about after the Oscars was the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock for insulting his wife, Jada. However, no one could’ve predicted the outcome of the weeks that followed.

After winning Best Actor for his role as Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams, in King Richard, Will found himself banned from Academy events for a decade after punching Chris Rock. However, he wasn’t the only one to be punished.

It soon emerged that Jada had been laughing after the slap happened. Then, the footage came out of her berating Will to tears. Pair this video with what occurred at the Oscars, and BOOM! Instant feeding frenzy! Do we believe that Will went up and slapped Chris because he dishonoured his wife? Hell. No. While my opinion hasn’t changed regarding what Chris and Will both did, we’re not here to talk about them.

Furthermore, this is about Jada and her actions.

I used to have a ton of respect for Jada. While part of me still does have some semblance of admiration for her, it’s much less after what I’ve read from multiple sources. The footage should be thrown in too. Anyway, I’m not as well-versed in narcissism as I should be, even though I follow the actions of a certain race-baiting Duchess who uses her colour to create a narrative that doesn’t exist.

Is Jada Using Racism? What About Jealousy?

I don’t have all the facts, but from what I have seen, no. Jada is NOT using racism as a crutch. It wouldn’t make sense in this situation as she and Will are both African-American. But, there is apparent jealousy.

Will’s star has always been brighter than that of Jada. After all, he has been nominated for two Academy Awards and recently won. Jada is famous for being an actor, but she’s not on the same level as her husband. Also, she has been in a few television shows, including Gotham and Hawthorne. In addition, she voiced the hippo, Gloria, in the Dreamworks franchise Madagascar and was in a heap of movies. She is also best known for being a co-host of Red Table Talk with her mother, Adrienne and daughter, Willow.

However, none of Jada’s projects has rewarded her with zero award nominations. She allegedly posted the video of her berating Will on one of her social media platforms. The Body Language Guy did a video on it.

Finally, the Theresa Longo Fan site Twitter account (@BarkJack_) has reported that the Smith marriage is shaky at best. Hmm… I wonder why… joking; we all know why. The slapping of Chris Rock is only one piece of a bigger puzzle.

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