Supergirl debuted on CBS in 2015 before it was moved to The CW ahead of its second season. Detailing the adventures of Superman’s cousin, Supergirl was the first female superhero to join the Arrowverse in her own show.

Joined by her sister Alex and her human friends James Olsen and Winn Schott, Kara fights tyranny across National City. Characters from across the Superman comics join Supergirl on her adventures including Lucy Lane and Cat Grant. Let’s not forget the introduction of Jo’nn Jon’zz and Lena Luthor as two of Kara’s allies.


What makes Supergirl such a fun show to watch is the theme of family runs throughout every storyline. From Kara’s first days of superhero-ing to Winn’s dad trying to convert him to the dark side, the show has everything a fan could want. Let’s not forget the references to other DC entries including not-so-subtle nods to “Clark’s friend”, Bruce Wayne.

The series joins the likes of Arrow and The Flash as part of a bigger lineup of DC universe stories that step away from Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. However, there’s room for expansion as the show dives deeper into Kara’s allies and enemies alike. The greatest part about having Supergirl lead her own series is all the nods to other Super characters like the Lane family, General Samuel Lane and his estranged daughters, Lois and Lucy. Oh, and let’s not forget the one and only James ‘Jimmy’ Olsen, Superman and Clark Kent’s best friend as one of Kara’s allies.

Supergirl currently airs on Sundays on The CW.


Airing Status: The series will return to The CW after its mid-season hiatus in January 2019.


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