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Finding Freedom: Prince Harry And Meghan Did Not Contribute To New Biography And Felt The Cambridges Got The Best Engagements

The hits just keep coming. The first excerpts from the new Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom have revealed that there was a lot of animosity between the Wales brothers. However, there is one thing we found surprising; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did NOT contribute to the book.

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Harry And Meghan Put Commonwealth On Blast While The Duchess Is Frustrated With Royal Family’s No Comment Policy

Blast everyone, Harry and Meghan! We triple dare you! The controversial royal couple are hitting back at the racism in the commonwealth. Not only that, the Duchess of Sussex is frustrated with the Royal family’s ‘no comment’ policy.

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Royal Drama: Writer Claims Meghan Is Not Only Jealous Of Catherine, But Beatrice And Eugenie Too

We have some seriously good bitter jealousy goss to share about the Duchess of Sussex! According to one royal writer, Meghan is envious of Catherine, Beatrice, and Eugenie. We’re not really surprised at the Kate bit but the royal cousins?

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Debunking The Royal RUMOUR: Prince Harry And Meghan Did NOT Ruin Princess Eugenie’s Wedding By Revealing They Were Expecting Archie

It’s long been rumoured that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan ruined Princess Eugenie’s wedding by revealing they were expecting Archie. However, according to an article by Harper’s Bazaar, this is far from the truth.

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Why People Are Losing Respect For Prince Harry

It’s been a two-way street since Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle. They’ve taken the world for a ride with all the drama they have stirred up for no reason. However, we’re not going to talking about the issues with the Duchess of Sussex. We’re going to be discussing what’s going on with the Duke.

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Royal Split: Are Harry And Meghan Throwing A Tantrum Over The Queen Banning Them From Using ‘Sussex Royal’ Name?

Are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex throwing a tantrum over being told they cannot use their Sussex Royal brand name after they’ve officially left the royal family? It would appear that way and we’re going to break it down.

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When Things Wear Thin: Why The Duchess Of Sussex Is The Most Hated Commoner To Join The Royal Family

Nothing says negative press quite like the royal family. Known as ‘The Firm’, not everyone is cut out for it, but how different could it be from Hollywood? These were the thoughts of the now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.