About Project: Fangirl

Project: Fangirl is only one of many failed attempts to start a blog. Originally, it was a business website to get freelance writing clients but it didn’t end up working out the way I wanted. The second attempt was to create a blog that focused on everything. It became too much and I almost shut the website down.

After a bit of thought, I figured the website needed more love and attention. I decided to strip the site back to its foundations and begin again. No regrets either. I decided Project: Fangirl was the perfect name because I felt it could be a safe place for fangirls to mingle. Growing up, I never had many female friends that were nerds like me so I felt alone. There’s no way I would allow another fangirl to suffer the same fate.

Learning More ’bout C.J. Hawkings

Born in the early 90s to a space-loving father and a mother who loves true love stories and crime dramas, there was always a chance she would inherit some of those qualities. A massive fan of Star Wars (thanks daddy dearest!), C.J. is an amateur at anything and everything to do with Starfighters and ships but she does know a thing or two about the Clone Wars era! She also inherited her paternal grandmother’s love of mystery shows.

In 2012, C.J. entered the SAE Institute and in 2015 emerged with a Bachelor in Film Production. She started writing for the now-defunct Movie Pilot website in 2017 before it was shut down in 2018. Later in 2018, she did a trial for lifestyle blog The Talko. She enjoys coffee, preferably cappuccino with almond milk and is obsessed with Young Justice and has a weakness for origin stories.