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What Was Black Canary’s Role In Young Justice?

Black Canary, Young Justice

Young Justice might be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t revisit the roles some of the characters played in the show. Let’s begin with Black Canary, better known as Dinah Lance.

Introduced as a “den mother” for the Young Justice team, Black Canary was a hand-to-hand combat instructor and therapist. During this time, Dinah also became the butt of a flirtatious joke between M’gann and Conner, where Miss Martian shape-shifted into her. This horrified Black Canary and Green Arrow until they realised what had happened.

Black Canary attended the funeral of Kent Nelson, a former member of the Justice Society of America, at the Tower of Fate.

Dinah has gone over her backstory, revealing that her mother, Dinah Drake, was the original Black Canary and gave birth to her at a relatively older age. Her powers came in while she was in the first grade, and she almost caused her first-grade class to go deaf.

Black Canary Is Powerful!

The strength of Dinah’s canary cry can destroy Poison Ivy’s vines. Her abilities were also powerful enough to stop Count Vertigo, the uncle of Queen Perdita, who attempted to take her throne by preventing her from getting a heart transplant.

Black Canary was the third den mother for the team after Red Tornado went missing. She also counselled the group when they were left traumatised when a training exercise went wrong. Dinah is always seen to be incredibly empathetic to Young Justice. She is patient during therapy sessions, especially when they have emotional outbursts like Conner.

What’s interesting about Dinah is she doesn’t push the kids to talk. She encourages them to open up when they’re ready.

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