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Updates On Lilie James’ Murder: Paul Thijssen’s Ashes Remain Unclaimed And The Selfish Reason He Killed His Ex

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There have been two new updates on the murder of water polo coach Lilie James. Paul Thijssen’s ashes are now available to be claimed, according to the Daily Mail. The article states that a private funeral was held at the crematorium, and Paul Thijssen’s parents, Esther and Stef Thijssen, had flown into Sydney. It was not confirmed whether they had attended their son’s memorial service.

The DM article also says that Paul Thijssen and Lilie James had visited a friend in Vaucluse three weeks before the murder, which is how he knew the location to end his life when he jumped from the Gap. Lilie’s funeral is still being planned

The next update we have is about the ‘selfish reason’ Paul Thijssen killed Lilie James—a second Daily Mail article, which references quotes shared by Doctor Tim Watson-Munro. Doctor Watson-Munro states that Thijssen was not your everyday narcissistic psychopath.

Paul Thijssen Wasn’t A Normal Narcissist

According to Watson-Munro, the typical psychopathic narcissist doesn’t kill themselves. He believes that Thijssen possibly “panicked”. Paul Thijssn realised the reality of his actions after he murdered Lilie and knew he’d end up in prison. Moreover, Doctor Watson-Munro said it didn’t matter if Lilie James was polite when she broke the relationship off. He’s control mechanism and and narcissism couldn’t handle that Lilie had broken up with him.

Thijssen likely snapped or flew into a blind rage and bought a hammer from a local hardware store before also taking one from a school storeroom. Finally, he then bludgeoned Lilie James to death and disposed of the weapon in a bin afterwards. Furthermore, his frame of mind was quite possibly, “If I can’t have her, no one can.” There was talk that he bragged to his students about dating Lilie James before he killed her.

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