Ever wanted to sit down and just laugh at your screen? That’s what sitcoms are for. They’ve been around forever and everyone remembers the likes of FriendsThe Golden Girls, Seinfeld, amongst others.

Though, no one wants to give modern sitcoms a chance if they have people critics deem ‘not funny’ in them. I know funny when I see it and most comedians aren’t funny if you sit there long enough and listen. Sometimes, non-comedians are funnier than the comedians themselves.

What people don’t tend to realise, is comedy is all about timing. No one is born funny. It takes time to perfect something that doesn’t come naturally.

Sitcoms are there to be enjoyed by all. Therefore, it doesn’t take one season of something that’s going to get axed to show an actor’s ability to be funny. It takes time for the actor to settle into the rhythm of acting funny if they’ve never done sitcom work before.

Therefore, I leave you with articles I have written on the sitcoms I have seen.

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