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Saint Andrews Cathedral School Announces They Are Knocking Down The Gym Bathroom Where Lilie James Was Murdered

Gym bathroom, Lilie James

Saint Andrews Cathedral School has announced that they will demolish the gym bathroom where water polo coach Lilie James was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend, Paul Thijssen, according to The Daily Mail.

An email was sent to parents of students attending the prestigious school, informing them of the decision. The school decided to take this action after it is believed sports coach and assistant Paul Thijssen lured Lilie James to the gym. This allegedly happened after she broke up with him days after a five-week whirlwind romance.

The email stated that the gym, which has been closed off since Lilie James’ body was found, will be closed until the gym bathroom has been removed. Since the murder, the school has received flowers galore, and the James family, including Lilie’s parents, Jamie and Peta and her brother Max, have visited the site.

Moreover, Lilie’s family has been in constant contact with Doctor Julie McGonigle, the school’s principal. They have expressed their gratitude for the support and concern for the students’ welfare after Lilie’s death.

Paul Thijssen Allegedly Lured Lilie James

It is believed that days before the murder, Paul Thijssen bragged about having Lilie as a girlfriend.

Moreover, Doctor McGonigle thanked the HSC students for their patience and understanding. Furthermore, it has also been alleged that Thijssen had two hammers, one of which had come from a school storeroom.

It is unclear whether anything will be placed on the gym bathroom site is yet to be determined.

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