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Paul Thijssen’s Parents Make Their Decision

Thijssen, parents

The parents of Paul Thijssen, the alleged killer of water polo coach Lilie James, have decided to cremate their son’s body and shatter his ashes in Sydney rather than take them back to the Netherlands, according to

Esther and Stefan Thijssen are living every parent’s worst nightmare of having to bury their child before their time. What makes it worse is that he was their only child. Whether or not they see him as capable of killing Lilie James is unknown. We may never know their thoughts and feelings on the subject.

The couple will return to Europe without their son. Thijssen’s body will be returned to his parents’ custody the moment the police investigation into Lilie James’ murder is complete. Since the crime occurred, stories have come out about both the victim and perpetrator’s final moments.

Thijssen’s Final Moments

Thijssen is believed to have sent a text message to Lili James’ father from her phone after she was killed. CCTV footage also shows the alleged killer throwing the murder weapon, a hammer, in a garbage bin along with a backpack.

Some of the people who have associated with Paul since his arrival in Australia in 2015 have said different things about his demeanour. When he was a school student, some of his former peers said he was arrogant. Students he taught said he was flirtatious with underage students.

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