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Paul Thijssen’s Final Act Against His Murder Victim, Lilie James, Was To Send A Text Message From Her Phone To Her Dad

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Paul Thijssen wanted Lilie James’ father, Jamie, to find his daughter’s body, which 7NEWS is now alleging, by sending a text message from the victim’s phone to her dad after murdering her. The truth of why he killed her may never be known, but the perpetrator’s act lines up with what some have said about him not taking “no” for an answer.

Sunrise’s Natalie Barr raised questions to Criminologist Xanthe Mallet over why Paul Thijssen would send a text message from Lilie James’ phone after he’d killed her to her dad. Doctor Mallet said the only thing she could think of was that Thijssen wanted Jamie James to attend the school. Therefore, finds his daughter’s body or at least be there when the police show up.

What Paul Thijssen was thinking at this moment may never been known. Could he have sent the text message, hoping to frame Jamie James? Perhaps he might’ve wanted to change the time when he killed Lilie James. We simply don’t know. It is entirely possible that Jamie had told Lilie that he got strange vibes, and so Lilie broke it off with Paul, and in revenge, Paul killed Lilie before killing himself. Whatever the case is, it’s tragic for the James family to lose someone who was so precious to them.

Forensics Never Lie

However, forensics doesn’t lie. A coroner could easily pin down the time of death. Lilie had only been dead a few hours by the time the police arrived at Saint Andrew Cathedral School to find her body.

When police divers retrieved Paul Thijssen’s body from the below The Gap, it was “broken and bloated” due to the fall he had taken. Now, Paul’s parents have to decide what to do with their son’s body. Do they hold his funeral in their native Netherlands or in Sydney? It must be hard for them to hear that their only child allegedly murdered someone before taking his own life.

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