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Police Have More Proof That Paul Thijssen Planned To Murder Lilie James

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Lilie James’ ex-boyfriend, Paul Thijssen, planned to murder her, according to the Daily Mail. After several lines of enquiry, police have discovered that Paul Thijssen bought a hammer from a local hardware store and arranged a car hire. They’ve also confirmed their theory that he premeditated the killing and that it was not “a crime of passion.”

Paul Thijssen borrowed a 2003 Lexus Sedan, which would’ve been used as his “getaway car.” Part of the triple zero call has been made public. Photos have also been released of the bedroom he had at the sharehouse he was living in with two others.

A Professional Opinion On The Planned Murder

Tim Watson-Munro, a criminal psychologist, said that the messy bedroom is not a sign of Thijssen’s mental state that drove him to the planned murder of his ex-girlfriend. Dr Watson-Munro theorised that it’s possible that Paul Thijssen went to the school gym to “intimidate” Lilie James or “give her one last chance.” When she refused, he followed through with his planned murder.

However, Watson-Munro added that the only objective on Thijssen’s mind was seeing Lilie James dead for rejecting him. Doctor Watson-Munro also says he doesn’t think Lilie knew how much danger she was in.

No evidence points to Paul Thijssen’s flatmates, a man and woman, being involved. Paul’s male housemate had nothing planned in his work diary the day Lilie was killed.

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