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Paul Thijssen, The Murderer Of Water Polo Coach Lilie James, Wasn’t A Nice Guy – The Students Called Him “A Creep”

Paul Thijssen, Lili James, murder

Paul Thijssen, the man allegedly behind the murder of water polo coach Lilie James, was not a nice guy, according to former peers and students he taught. has revealed that he would not take “no” for an answer.

Thijssen’s former peers label him “arrogant”, while the students he taught as a sports assistant at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral School call him “a creep.” According to what the students told the Saturday Telegraph, he would flirt with the female students. During his school days, he was loved by the girls but hated by the boys due to his arrogance.

One student also told the Saturday Telegraph that his flirtatious personality was deeply unsettling to the girls who happened to be on the sports team he was working with.

Paul Thijssen In The Hours After Killing Lilie James

In the hours after he murdered Lilie James, Paul Thijssen was seen on surveillance video dumping the murder weapon, a hammer, in a garbage bin. It is believed the motive behind his crime was that he couldn’t accept that Lilie had dumped him. also reports that on the night Lilie James died, Thijssen had gone to the school gym to confront his ex. A fight broke out. CCTV footage from the area shows him following his victim into one of the bathrooms. He emerged an hour later, but she did not.

Four hours later, the perpetrator rang the police from the notorious suicide spot, The Gap. It was here he told them there was a body at the school gym. Lilie’s family called the authorities after she didn’t return to her home.

It is believed that after he called the police to report Lilie’s death, Paul Thijssen jumped to his death.

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