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Lilie James’ Death Might Have Been Premeditated By Paul Thijssen

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The murder of Lilie James is still very much a talking point, almost a week after her death at the alleged hands of Paul Thijssen. More information has come to light to suggest that her homicide could’ve been premeditated. According to Yahoo! News, the police are currently examining if Thijssen had planned his ex’s brutal death.

As per a friend of Lilie James, Thijssen would’ve been aware that he would run into her as he’d been tasked with putting away sporting equipment in the school gym. Miss James was likely doing the same thing when cornered in one of the school gym’s bathrooms.

Lilie James suffered serious head injuries in the attack. By the time Thijssen rang the police from The Gap, where he later committed suicide, she was already dead. It is unclear what he was doing before he rang police some two hours after he committed the crime.

Was Lilie James’ Death Premeditated By Paul Thijssen

Whether the murder was premeditated is also unclear. However, it is clear from what has been said previously he did not like taking no for an answer, and he was “a creep”, according to some of his former students. His former peers said over the weekend that he was “arrogant” and that boys who went to school with him hated him while the girls loved him.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help the James family in whatever way they need as they grieve their beloved Lilie. Their lives will be forever changed because of this horrendous act.

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