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Criminal Psychologist Calls Killer Paul Thijssen ‘A Control Freak’ While Former Students And Friends Rally To Support Him

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It is hard to comprehend why anyone would want to kill another human being, but a Criminal Psychologist has called Lilie James’ alleged killer, Paul Thijssen, a control freak. As per the Daily Mail, Tim Watson-Munro has revealed he has identified five indicators that Thijssen potentially would kill Lilie James.

Tim Watson-Muntro has examined high-profile cases, including Alphonse Gangitano. He said the five warning signs of a male partner potentially killing their female partner include love bombing, demands of whereabouts, eliminating external sources (friends and family), different kinds of threats and financial control.

Outside of the control freak comment, Tim Watson-Munro has also compared Paul Thijssen to Rowan Baxter. He is the man who killed Hannah Clarke and their children. Both knew what they were doing when they murdered their ex-partners. Their actions were not spontaneous but pre-meditated. Also, both men showed signs of narcissism, according to Watson-Munro.

What People Who Knew Paul Thijssen Say

Meanwhile, people who have associated with Paul Thijssen say that the picture of him is incorrect. Many of his former students have said he was “caring and enthusiastic.” He was also described as “friendly and humourous.” Others have said that to call him “a flirt” and a “creep” went against who he was.

One person says they’re disgusted by what he did. Though they sympathised with the James family, they asked not to mischaracterise Paul. A student who had been on a hockey team Thijssen had coached said that his killing of Lilie James was out of character for the man they’d known.

Finally, another person said calling him “a weirdo and a creep is distasteful” for who he was. However, they did agree that his killing of Lilie James was a betrayal to their community.

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