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A Crime That May Never Have Justice: The Murder Of Lilie James

Lilie James

There might never be any form of justice for 21-year-old murder victim Lilie James. A beloved water polo coach at Saint Andrew Cathedral School, she was deeply loved by her family, friends, staff and students. The saddest part of this case is that the James family may never get justice for her death.

It was revealed a few hours ago that her ex-boyfriend, Paul Thijssen’s body had been retrieved from The Gap, the notorious suicide spot in Vaucluse, as per

According to reports, Lilie and Paul had been dating for just five weeks until she decided to break off the relationship. What happened in those five weeks is currently unclear. Both were teachers at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral School. Thijssen had been a sports captain at the school during his years there.

It is also reported that Lilie was cornered in a bathroom, where she was bludgeoned to death with a hammer. In Australia, a woman is killed every week. Furthermore, Miss James is now the 55th woman to be killed by a current or former partner in 2023.

An hour after the crime, Thijssen called the police to tell them where Lili’s body was. According to (link above), the police were able to identify his body when it was retrieved by matching the fingerprints to those in the Dutch embassy database.

According to Mamamia, a GoFundMe has been set up for the family of Lili James.

The Murder Of Lilie James

The murder of Lilie James is a reminder that domestic violence can happen to anyone of any age. Moreover, the unfortunate part of this whole case is that the family will never fully heal as her murderer is now dead and will never be held accountable for what he did.

In conclusion, the investigation into Lilie James’ murder is still ongoing.

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